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When we face a challenge in life, the knowledge required to tackle it usually exists somewhere already; we just don’t have access to it. Our mission is to give everyone instant access to the best possible advice from others for every challenge.


Miljn is an ecosystem of participants discovering a new way of sharing valuable human knowledge. To do this, we are throwing out outdated paradigms of knowledge sharing that may still work today, but are no longer suitable for the future ahead of us.


Before now, there has been no structure that delivers the best outcome for someone in need of advice, while simultaneously protecting the interests of the expert who shares valuable knowledge to guide others to their goal. We are designing that structure.


We understand that this should be truly owned by the diverse community of users, creators, developers, sponsors, and contributors it is there to serve. That’s why we are building Miljn to progressively move towards a decentralised autonomous Web 3 organisation as the ecosystem grows.

Whenever it comes to execution, nobody is looking for millions of results. We’re looking for the one result.

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Team up with us to create the worlds best guides

Join us to develop the worlds best guides with your unique knowledge.


Do you have expertise to share to grow your business or help the world?


Can you see the potential for providing precise guidance to customers, partners and employees?


Are you a publisher, editor, or writer ready to experience a new growth model?


Want to experiment with Miljn in an educational or scientific setting?


We'd love to hear about adventures we could start together to move the world.

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You see why we are building this with Web3 technology and would like to join in the fun.

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every challenge in life was easily supported by expert knowledge that guides us to our destinations.